Best Heated Water Hose for RV

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort

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No outdoor adventure beats old-fashioned RV traveling. Spending time with your family and friends as you travel in an RV is one of the most fantastic escapes from our daily struggles. Water is life; you need water for drinking, washing, and even bathing. If you are looking for the best heated water hose for RVs, then you came to the right review.

Many companies have put in a lot of effort into developing the best water hoses that offer heated solutions for RV owners. This comprehensive review will help you select the perfect water hose for RV comfort.

Best Heated Water Hose
for RV Comparison Chart

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 1

Camco 25ft Cold Weather Heated Drinking Water Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 2

Pirit PWL-03-25 25-Feet Heated Hose, 25′

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 3

Valterra W01-5325 Heated Fresh Water Hose – 25′, Blue

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 4

Camco 12ft TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 2

Pirit PWL-03-100 100-Feet Heated Hose, 100′

Best Heated Water Hose Reviews

Camco Cold Weather Heated Water Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 6

If you need a water hose, this is one of the best available on the market. Camco products are known all over the world for their efficiency and durability. Many recreational vehicle owners are delighted with the workings of this hose; they have also posted positive reviews about this product.

Product Highlights

As the name suggests, this hose is used by RV owners who need to heat up water comfortably. Do you want to take a shower in your RV during winter? This hose will help you in doing just that. It offers freeze protection to -40° Fahrenheit.

This hose has a 5/8” inner diameter and a length of 25 feet. One end of the hose has a 10 foot 18 AWG power cord that you plug into your power source. The power cord has an LED indicator that lights when current flows through it. Also, the cord fitting is coated to minimize rusting.

The core of the hose is made with NSF-61 certified materials that are free from BPA and other hazardous materials. Furthermore, each of the hoses can be attached to the power cord as they are similar. Those have a durable sheath that protects users from electric shocks and minimizes the exposure of the hoses’ contents to the environment.

The Good

Durable, reliable, and effective are the words that should come to your mind when you hear about this product. The all-weather PVC sheath offers maximum kink resistance to the hose ensures that the hose will last longer than many heating hoses. Furthermore, the coated machine fittings minimize rusting of the heavy-duty ends.

This hose doesn’t pose a health risk to users as the materials have passed all tests, and they are free from harmful components such as phthalates. The use of this hose is not limited only to an RV; you can also use it around the garden to clean your pets and other residential uses.

The product is easy to use, as all you have to do is plug it to a power source and make sure that the LED indicator is on. The hose has an automatic regulation mechanism that offers cold weather protection for use. The hose is quite long, at a length of 25 feet, you can cover longer distances. The developer has a warranty that allows you to return faulty hoses.

The Bad

The cord may blow up if you connect it to a power source that has a capacity greater than 120VAC. Furthermore, you should take care as you coil out the hose to reduce damaging the hose.


  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Long
  • Maximum kink resistance
  • Versatile


  • Coiling out is difficult

Pirit Heated Water Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 7

This is a top-tier product that has built an excellent reputation due to its quality and efficiency. Many users have posted positive reviews acknowledging the qualities of the Pirit Heated water hose.

Product Highlights

This hose is 25ft long and has an internal diameter of 5/8”. It is equipped with a thermostat that automatically heats the water, preventing it from freezing. When the temperature drops below -42° Fahrenheit, the system turns on, heating the water, thus enhancing the constant flow of water in low temperatures.

The hose has grounded brass coupling, a grounded power cord, and protective bend resistors at both ends. Furthermore, the hose has a knit reinforcing that is resistant to abrasion. This cover ensures that the hose will serve you longer without any defects like holes that may lower the performance.

On top of that, the heating wires are embedded directly into the walls of the hose, thus ensuring uniform heating and unceasing water flow. This hose is perfect for activities that require constant running water in areas where temperatures are below the freezing point. You will receive an instruction manual that shows how to set up and use this product.

The Good 

This product contains no BPA or dangerous materials such as lead. Most hose hoses contain carcinogenic substances such as phthalates. It has passed all the safety tests, and it fully complies with the set electrical standards. This ensures that you get the safest water for drinking and gardening.

The product saves you the agony of switching it on and off. The thermostat attached to the hose detects when the temperature is below -42° Fahrenheit and turns on. This ensures that the water is heated before it freezes. When temperature rises above 50° Fahrenheit, it switches off, therefore lowering energy consumption.

The manufacturer offers a limited one-year warranty to buyers. You can return a defective hose within a period of one year after purchase. Furthermore, this hose is easily portable. It is lightweight and coils up easily without tangling; therefore, it is easy to carry around.

If you are looking for a versatile hose that allows unrestricted flow of water, this is the ideal water hose. The cold weather will no longer cause blockages in your water supply.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the product may blow up if it is exposed to excess current. You should read the manual to know the power rating of the device so that you don’t overload it.


  • Easily portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Automatic self-regulating thermostat
  • Safe
  • Easy to use


  • It is slightly heavier than other heater hoses

Valterra W01-5325 Water Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 8

This product has carved a name for itself when it comes to offering heating solutions to recreational vehicle owners. Just by reading the positive reviews, you will be able to understand why it has become one of the most sought-after heating hoses. This product has remarkable features that make it stand out.

Product Highlights

The product has three lengths that vary, namely 15’, 20’, and 50’. Furthermore, the product operates at a power capacity of 120V AC. It regulates the water temperature automatically without an extra thermostat. Did you know that this hose provides a continuous source of water, even at extremely low temperatures?

The Valterra water hose is made from PVC material that is free from lead. Many hoses of this nature have lead, which is a harmful material. The water that flows from this hose is safe for drinking as it has passed all the safety tests administered by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Despite the remarkable features of this product, it comes at a fair price that will not dent your budget when you purchase it.

The Good

The hose has a PVC coat that ensures that the product is don’t damaged by exterior forces such as tears and holes. This coat doesn’t lower the safety standards of your drinking water. Furthermore, the coat protects users from electrocution from the heating elements within the hose.

Also, the product contains no hazardous materials such as lead that may have negative impacts on your health. You don’t have to worry about water poisoning ailments along the way as you travel in your RV.

Additionally, the hose has zippered cuffs at each end that help with the installation of the water hose. Finally, this hose is lightweight and easy to carry around and it has minimal kinking; it coils up easily, saving up more space as you store it.

Finally, this product is very simple to install and use. All you have to do is connect the power cord to an energy source.

The Bad

The hose is slightly rigid when it is new. However, this is rectified after you regularly use this hose.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easily portable
  • Contains no harmful materials


  • Slightly stiff when it’s new

Camco TastePure Water Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 9

The Camco TastePure water hose has outstanding performance when it comes to heating water in cold-weather areas. This impressive hose was manufactured by the Camco corporation, which is based in the US.

Product Highlights

The water hose has an internal diameter of ½” and two open ends that can be attached to a water source. The hose is made with NSF-61 certified materials that guarantee you drink safe water. It operates on an electric capacity of 120V AC or 1.3 Amperes.

Once you plug in the power cord to an electric source, an LED indicator flickers showing that electrical current is flowing through the hose’s walls. Make sure you allow the hose to preheat for 15 minutes before you attempt to uncoil it. You should allow the hose to heat for 30 minutes after you have uncoiled it.

This product has a self-adjusting mechanism that detects a sharp decrease in temperature. Any drop in temperature below -40° Fahrenheit initiates the heating mechanism.

The manufacturer offers a limited warranty when you buy it; in the event that you purchase this hose and it is damaged (which is unlikely), you can claim a replacement from the manufacturer. The warranty is available for electrical components within the first 36 months. However, the offer runs for 12 months for other hose components.

The Good

The manufacturers were keen to introduce a product that is safe for your health. You’ll be pleased to know that this product has no BPA or lead that poses health risks to users. This means that you will not be exposed to harmful elements as you drink water from this product.

On top of that, the product has robust machined nickel-plated fittings that don’t easily corrode. The PVC coat covering the hose protects the internal components of the hose from exterior damage. These features ensure that this product will serve you longer without any deterioration in the quality of the water.

Additionally, this product is compatible with many sources as it has a ‘male-to-male’ adapter that can be connected at either end of the water hose. The customer service of this corporation is exemplary and instant; customers can also get a replacement if they have defective products.

The Bad

Many users who have used this product have complained that it is slightly stiff when it is new. However, the hose becomes flexible after a few uses.


  • Durable
  • 100% free from harmful materials
  • Easy to use
  • Long enough to cover more space
  • Minimum kinking


  • Slightly rigid when it is new

Pirit PWL-03-100 100-Feet Heated Hose

The 5 Best Heated Water Hoses for RV Comfort 7

This series III hose is an excellent product from the Chinese market. It the right choice for those looking for something cheap which still delivers on performance as expected. Among its features include being able to keep water from being frozen in - 42° degrees Fahrenheit weather. If you want a sturdy heated hose for your RV, then you have just landed on the right product.

Product Highlights

Sky Hollow innovations have put in a considerable effort to try and deliver a top-tier product that will take you through cold winters. This hose is a product of research and innovative technology in its design and creation. It is ideal for any jobs that require running water during freezing temperatures.

The thermostat has been designed to automatically kick in when the temperature drops to freezing levels. It also automatically shuts itself down if the temperature rises beyond 50° Fahrenheit.

There is a grounded power supply and bend resistors that offer protection to the ends of the hose. In addition, the hose is also layered with abrasion-resistant material and has been given knit reinforcement to make it as hard as possible.

The heater wires have been fashioned directly through the hose walls to ensure there is a uniform distribution of heat without any restrictions to the flow of water. The hose is also made from materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which are all safe for use with drinking water.

The Good 

The quality of the hose is adequate, and it works just as promised. Furthermore, it is made from materials that make it safe for drinking water, so you don’t have to worry about consuming harmful chemicals.

It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The manufacturers will replace your item if it has any defects upon purchase.

The Bad

The lifespan of the hose is not very long — around 12-24 months. The hose also doesn’t heat the faucet it’s connected to, so you may have problems if the water freezes in your faucet.


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Works even during winter
  • Considerable length
  • Power cord of 6 meters
  • Value for your money


  • Doesn’t warm the faucet
  • Product lifespan is not very long

Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right hose requires doing a little research to find those with the right elements for your needs. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are complaining to yourself for having bought a low-quality item. To avoid buying a product that will leak and experience other hose related problems sooner rather than later, here is a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right product.


Most water hoses are made from rubber, PVC (vinyl), or polyurethane. Out of the three, PVC hoses are the cheapest, weigh the least but, unfortunately, have the shortest lifespan. PVC hoses are the best for mild climatic conditions.

Extreme temperatures wear them out. To deal with this, manufacturers place multiple layers, and a 5-ply water hose will be thicker and therefore more durable. Other manufacturers combine them with rubber to make them stronger.

Rubber has been widely used in the past for making hoses, primarily due to its flexibility. Commercial-grade varieties are even tougher, and they last longer. The only drawback they face is that such models are heavy and cumbersome to handle.

Polyurethane has the features of both rubber and vinyl. These models are generally the best to have. They are strong, flexible, and free from hazardous chemicals. Moreover, they are lightweight, and they do not leach. They cost a little more, but they are worth every dollar you pay for them.


Size entails the dimensions of the water hose. Most people tend to go for the longest hose they can find, which isn’t always the best move. A longer hose is heavier and bulkier to handle and also more difficult to store. If you don’t need a long hose, then don’t buy one as you will end up struggling with it later, especially if you don’t have the physical strength.

Furthermore, water volume and pressure are inversely proportional to the length of the hose. This means that a longer hose is more likely to deliver water at a lower pressure.

When it comes to the diameter, a smaller hose diameter will deliver less water. The standard 5/8-inch diameter hose typically covers all home watering requirements and applications.


There are two main materials used in making connections on hose hoses — plastic, and brass. Plastic is easier to handle when tightening or loosening it, but it breaks quite easily, and their durability is not long. The upside is that you can get them in a myriad of designs and sizes.

Brass connections come in two main types, cast and stamped brass.

The former is heavy, thick, and they last for quite a long time. These are tightened using wrenches. The latter is thinner, lighter, and cheaper, but they are prone to breakages. Nevertheless, they are still better than their plastic counterparts.

To avoid chances of any leaks, the best option is to go for brass connections. But if you feel they are too difficult for you to handle, plastic connections will do. Just know that you may need to do regular checkups and frequent replacements.

Other Special Features

There are situations where a regular hose won’t be enough for your RV. If you are looking for a hose for a particular task, there are options available for you too. For instance, if you want one that can handle high pressure, you may want to go for the thicker and more durable versions. Polyurethane models will be of great help here.

Remember to also factor in the diameter of the hose when making the purchase. If you will be dealing with really hot water, then you should get something that can take the heat. PVC hoses may not be the best choice here.

For those who will use it for drinking water, then go for those that are made from FDA-approved materials. Such hoses should also be free of chemicals that can leach into the water. Additionally, check to see if they are also UV stabilized.

Are you looking to save on space? Then get a 25- or 50-foot hose. Make sure the diameter is also smaller. These hoses are easier to fit within the confined spaces of an RV.

Final Verdict 

Investing in a high-quality and high functioning heated water hose for your RV is important for a comfortable living experience. All the products in our review are among the best-rated heated water hoses for RV’s, and they will serve you well.

However, you also need to ensure you take care of them so that they don’t fall apart prematurely. Drain them when not in use or when you want to put them in storage. Also, store them out of the elements.

The water inside them can damage the walls if left under scorching heat. It can also cause the growth of mold and bacteria. And of course, remember that UV rays destroy the hose.

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