Best Smart TV For RV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment

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In the present day, you can readily get a break from all the hustles and bustles of day-to-day life, spend quality time with loved ones, see new and exciting places, all during a trip in the RV.

During such RV trips, you don’t have to cut yourself off from the world. Be on a par with the rest of the world by getting the best TV for RV. From here, you readily catch up with trending news and TV shows.

Not all TVs are fit for RVs as the requirement is one being able to withstand the jostling and rough country terrain. Bearing this in mind, a handful of RV TVs were hand-picked to fit those requirements. See the results below.

Best Smart TV For RV
Comparison Chart

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 1

Sony XBR-55A8G 55 Inch TV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 2

Supersonic SC-1911 19-Inch LED Widescreen HDTV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 3

Free Signal TV Transit 32” 12 Volt DC Powered LED HDTV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 4

TCL 28S305 28-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 5

Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-INCH HD Smart LED TV

Best Smart TV For RV Reviews

Sony XBR-55A8G 55 Inch TV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 6

This model will take entertainment to a new level. It has been designed using state-of-the-art technology ­— a top-tier product from Sony. The visuals are magnificent with crystal-clear clarity. It provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with HDMI and USB. Easily and conveniently tune to top applications like Netflix and YouTube using Sony XBR-55A8G 55” TV.

This TV set is for anyone looking to get something that gives them richer and more life-like colors. It has high clarity and impressive resolution specs that get the job done with ease.

Product Highlights

The product boasts a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD display having a resolution of 3840 × 2160 that indulges the user fully into the entertainment, sports, or shows. 8 million self-illuminating pixels are featured in the OLED technology realizing ideal colors and blacks for outstanding depth and contrast.

The 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) employs a wider spectrum delivering striking contrast, amazing colors, splendid life-like detail.

Everything on the TV, regardless of its source, is turned to a spectacularly refined image having enhanced contrast, texture, edges, and color. The X1 Extreme processor accomplishes this along with 4K X-Reality PRO.

The Good

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with Ethernet, HDMI, and USB ports leave users spoiled for choice over which input to use. Google Assistant fitted in the Android TV provides the user with a smart TV filled with incredible capabilities.

It is packaged preloaded with top-rated applications that include YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify.

Acoustic Surface technology that makes the entertainment experience completely immersive blending spectacularly the sound and pictures.

It also comes with a reversible stand that helps you raise the TV and create room for your soundbar. Moreover, its standard standing position allows you to enjoy a watching experience that is free of distractions. And for those who may not want to use the stand it comes with, you can hang it from the wall. The sellers provide an ultra-slim mount that you can buy separately.

The Bad

The sound level of this TV doesn’t exactly cut into the league of one of the best. However, you can fix that by getting yourself a good soundbar.


  • 4 HDMI inputs providing easy connection to DVD players, computers and gaming consoles
  • Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for better smart functionality
  • 3 USB ports allowing connection of devices easily to the TV
  • Reversible 2-way stand


  • Sound level is not the best

Supersonic SC-1911 19-Inch LED Widescreen HDTV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 7

The Supersonic SC-1911 19” LED Widescreen HDTV will leave you enjoying the stunning quality of pictures. It gives you the feeling of being right in the middle of whatever is playing on the screen.

Product Highlights

The product comes with an in-built DVD player removing the need for extra boxes and cords. The player is compatible with DVD/CD/CDR/CDRW/DVD-/+R/DVD-/+RW/VCD/SVCD. It also possesses a 19-inch LED HDTV.

Built-in are Dual Tuners along with HDMI Input compatibility. It's also compatible with Amazon Firestick and has PC input support. The picture quality is excellent, and the displays will make you feel like you are in the middle of it all.

The Good

Compatible with HDMI input allowing connection to computer and gaming consoles. Clarity is ensured through the HDTV 1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i. Built-In SD Card slot and USB input compatibility. An aspect ratio of 16:9 with a resolution of 1366x768 with a brightness of 200cd per square meter.

The viewing angle for the Supersonic SC-1911 19-inch LED Widescreen HDTV is 176 degrees/176 degrees. Get to experience an impressive display of colors with the 16.7 million colors color capacity. Provision for different language users is available with the multi-language display on the screen.

The Bad

Built-in speakers give relatively poor sound quality. It has only one HDMI connection port limiting the number of devices you can have connected at a time. Attaching external speakers through the earphone plug may not be possible.


  • Awesome picture
  • Setting up is easy
  • The value for money is amazing
  • Separate treble, bass, and balance control
  • VESA compliant


  • Stand does not always hold the TV up

Free Signal TV Transit 32” 12 Volt DC Powered LED HDTV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 8

The Free Signal TV Transit 32” 12 Volt DC Powered LED HDTV is a 12-volt high-performance HDTV that incorporates modern-day engineering breakthroughs. A very portable HDTV, no matter the location it is to be used from.

The flat panel LED TV offers a high resolution with a picture quality of 1366x768. It accomplished this at incredibly low voltage requirement. The HDTV is not only suitable for RVs, trucks, trailers, and cars but can also be an essential addition at home with the CHD-1260 Power Brick AC adapter as an option.

Product Highlights

Free Signal TV Transit 32” 12 Volt DC Powered LED HDTV provides an extended viewing angle of 178 × 178 degrees. It is a top-tier product of Free Signal TV that lives to the expectations placed on it.

The DC-powered HDTV has a fantastic resolution of 1366x768. Modern-day engineering advancements give us an extremely light TV having a dynamic audio response as well as circuitry for noise reduction. The transit flat screen is designed to last long, even in the harsh terrains and bumping it may be subjected to.

Included are a cigarette power cord of 12 volts, a fully functional remote, pigtail readily wired for 12-volt direct connection, a well-detailed instruction manual, and a tabletop stand. Having high-resolution images from a portable line of television, the products tread terrains no other portable TVs have dared tread.

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 9

The Good

A whole 12 months’ worth of amazing customer care services that includes full replacement warranty. The performance of this product has been proven over time with the Marathon Whole House HDTV Antenna it possesses.

The customer care further goes on to provide answers to questions you might be having, as well as providing you with handy advice. Experts in Tech Support from Free Signal TVs are readily available to help.

Options to mount the flat screen. It may be wall-mounted or positioned on top of a table having a stand. This makes it ideal not only for use on the road but also at home.

The Bad

All the aspects of this TV set are great. The only issue you will have to contend with is the absence of RCA jacks for connecting it with CD players.


  • Value for money
  • Provides excellent customer support
  • Setting up is easy
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Outstanding warranty


  • No RCA jacks for plugging in a CD player or VCR

TCL 28S305 28-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 10

The TCL 28S305 28-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV offers a personalized experience through the customizable home screen. It has dimensions of 25.3” width, 15.1” H, and 3.2” D without the stands. The stand are is separately available in 25.3” by 17.1” by 7.3” dimensions.

Product Highlights

A completely high-definition display is combined with a dual-band Wi-Fi and an advanced rate of refreshing, giving you the ability to capture each and every moment. The stunning HDR and detail provide enhanced clarity to every content.

The TCL 28S305 28-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV makes it easy to watch any content, whether paying for satellite subscription or cable, or streaming. The built-in tuner may be used to enjoy channels that are free over the air.

Your tablet or smartphone is converted into a convenient companion while streaming. It may be used as a remote, used to search using keyboard or voice, private listening through plugged in headphones, and sharing music, photos, and videos to the TV.

Additionally, cast web videos and movies to the TV with YouTube and Netflix mobile apps. The remote of Roku TV is super easy to use, having 20 buttons only, thus easy navigation.

The Good

Outstanding high-definition resolution presents an enhanced clarity as well as the details of the content. The access is seamless and straightforward to more than 500,000 streaming TV shows and movies. Access to the content one desires is also effortless and quick.

Direct-lit LED offers impressive quality pictures with the 60 Hertz refresh rate allowing quickly moving scenes to be watched with only slight motion blur.

No more scrolling through inputs or complicated menus. Similar to smartphone apps, everything you might want to access is right in front of you. It works with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The Bad

There is no Ethernet port to offer choice when it comes to an internet connection; you have to rely on wireless networks.


  • Endless entertainment
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Simple interface
  • Amazing picture quality


  • Might be challenging getting the sound to work using the remote.
  • Takes a lot of space

Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-INCH HD Smart LED TV

The 5 Best Smart Tvs for RV Entertainment 11

The Toshiba HD smart TV is a new generation in television. They feature the built-in Fire TV experience together with Alexa voice remote. A superior TV experience is delivered from Toshiba, with advancements being made daily. It gets smarter giving access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies. It weighs 10.58 pounds, with dimensions of 3.3” by 29 by 17.2.”

Product Highlights

Get to experience a 720p high definition quality picture giving real life-like pixels, brilliant colors, and rich contrast. Performance and speed are the core considerations in the Toshiba assembly. A quad-core CPU/Multi-core GPU power it giving it fast search results and quick and fluid response.

Easily get connected with 3 HDMI inputs, dual-band Wi-Fi, and a variety of input/output options. The name of every input can be customized, and picture settings may be adjusted for every device connected.

Additionally, new Alexa skills, along with automatic software updated over-the-air, keep the TV getting smarter; it will always be the latest.

The TV only gets smarter with time as the developers keep adding updates to it. You will enjoy the latest software features and technological upgrades that add more life to your screen.

Because of its internet connectivity, you can stream movies and TV shows directly from your favorite internet entertainment service providers. This includes Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, among many others.

Another feature it hosts is connectivity for gaming consoles. The device allows integration with Xbox and PS4 consoles through HDMI cables and inputs. And the display remains crystal clear as ever. Enjoy fighting your opponents while viewing the characters in full HD.

 There are also many other apps it supports and comes with. You can download more from Play Store or any other TV app service providers. All the control will be done from the comfort of your seat using the remote or your voice commands.

The Good

Live over-the-air TV and all the streaming channels are brought together on the home screen by Fire TV Edition. The connection of any HD antenna enables the use of Alexa to search for and stream TV immediately. You can also choose from an extensive catalog of TV shows and streaming movies.

Also, you are able to subscribe to Sling TV, PlayStation VUE, DIRECTV NOW, among others, for streaming purposes. Connection of the satellite box/cable or gaming console is also possible via one of the 3 HDMI ports of the TV.

People conversant with Amazon Fire TV will realize the interface is familiar. Setting up is also fairly simple, with the option of a quicker setup. The remote provides you with the basic buttons required to operate the TV.

The bundling of the apps and features has been done really well, making it very easy to use. Connecting to the internet is also possible through the built-in Wi-Fi or the network cable.

An outstanding feature is that you can pause live TV.

The Bad

Occasional freezing is a common challenge in the product as improvements continue to be made to correct it. The channels are also listed in a cumbersome order making changing channels rather clumsy.

The remote does not have the channel down/up buttons. Sponsored banners appear on the menu screen, along with a picture that is seemingly a little overexposed (white).


  • Quite affordable
  • Offers the search option
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Hands-free control
  • Built-in Alexa and Amazon Fire TV


  • Does not have HDR support

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the right television, there are several things you should know before making a purchase. Here is a guide to point you on the most relevant features and specifications to factor in when buying a TV.

Screen Resolution

The resolution of the screen is the number of pixels that develop a picture on display. The higher the number of pixels, the better the clarity and sharpness of the image.

A higher resolution is not always ideal, however. Take, for instance, 4K and 8K TVs. They are great to have in your home, but their biggest challenge is that currently, content in 4K resolution is rare.

For 8K, it’s even more difficult to find, almost impossible. But if you are considering preparing for the future technological revolutions in TV, 4K resolution is a good place to start.

Full HD TVs are the typical types used in most homes. They have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. But the world of TV is changing fast, and more 4K content is being produced.

Screen Size

Getting the right screen size is essential, based on several factors around your home. The first thing to think about is how many live in your home and watch the TV at once. The larger the number, the bigger the size of the screen you should get.

Secondly, measure the size of the spot where you are going to set it up. Space is a big issue in most RVs, and TVs take up a lot of room. You need to make sure you get a screen size that is optimum for the space around it. This will also include how close you will be sitting to it.

If you notice you can see the individual pixels, then it means you are way too close. An HD TV should be placed at least three times its height away from the viewer. For those with 4k Ultra HD, it should be at least 1.5 times its height away.

Refresh Rate

As the name suggests, it simply means how many times an image is refreshed on the screen. Standard TVs have a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, for fast-moving images, the clarity reduces, and they become a bit jittery or blurry.

To deal with that flaw, manufacturers have designed TVs that have a higher refresh rate of 120Hz. Some have even outdone themselves and created others with as high as 240Hz. This helps create a more solid image and thus improve your viewing experience.

Other TVs are also featuring High Frame Rate support. It works to give your content higher refresh rates combined with improved display for better resolution and sharpness. This feature is a critical aspect for gamers to consider, as it means improved image and video performance.

Connection Ports

Some manufacturers try to cut costs by reducing the number of input or output ports. Be keen to look at how many of each category your TV supports. The most important thing to consider is the HDMI ports. Go for a TV that has as many as possible.

These ports are used to connect your screen to video game consoles, soundbars, Chromecast, etc. It is therefore wise to have as many of them as you can get.

If you want to get a 4K TV, ensure the screen is compatible with HDMI 2.0, as this will support future UHD sources.


It’s worth mentioning a bit about high dynamic range, also known as HDR. It’s a new feature of 4K UHD TV sets that consists of richer and more colors than has been in any TV before. It has increased brightness and higher contrast variations.

Although this tech faces a bit of confusion around it, a lot of companies are significantly investing in it, including Dolby Vision. Soon it could become a big deal in the world of television.

Other Aspects

All the above-listed features are the most important to consider when looking to score yourself a reliable and high performing TV set. Other factors you have to include can be your budget, the space available in your RV, and smart TVs.

For those on a budget, you can go for the cheaper but high-functioning brands such as TCL and Hisense, and get a smart TV because of the software upgrades, among other features that come in handy, such as voice command.

All that said and done, you should get a good set if you stick to the above guidelines.

Final Verdict

These brands and models are all among the best smart TVs for RV for their outstanding performance and delivering what they promise. Most of them have impressive features and high clarity in terms of image sharpness and contrast adjustment. They also incorporate more colors that have a vivid display and more depth to them.

All that’s left is for you to choose which among them works best for your RV space. Whatever choice you make, rest assured you will have an excellent smart TV set.

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