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UPDATED June 29, 2020  
by Dwight Pelter

What Are The Best Trucks For 5th Wheel RVs?

What Are The Best Trucks For 5th Wheel RVs?

Ever dreamt of hitting your fifth-wheel trailer on the open highway, but before you set your adventure, you need to figure out where you're going and the best way to get there? If you plan to get straight to a powerful truck with an 8-ft bed and diesel engine, you will hit all the marks. The payload capability will surely increase as dozens of pounds are charged into your vehicle. However, one type of pickup doesn't mean you get everything smooth. So, what's the best truck for the 5th wheel RV? Factors like the electric braking system and towing capacity should be thoroughly considered before purchasing a vehicle with high ratings. I will share with you what are the essential features your truck should have before you go out on your long trips.

Things to Consider for your Truck

These are the things you should check out for your truck before towing a 5th wheel and traveling for long hours.

  • Brake Controls - Towing a 5th wheel will surely gain several pounds to your truck, so you need to be sure that your brakes can make full stop adequately. The electric brake controller comes essential in this situation, as your tow vehicle activates the braking system once you step the brakes of your truck. The brake controller should also stop the trailer with less wiggle and no shuttering.
  • Tires - You should know the load ratings of your tires, so updating your tires is also necessary to expand the payload limit of your truck. Increase the payload capacity of your tires whenever you plan long trips and adding weight to your vehicle. Keep in mind to look at the loading rates of your tires, so your truck can effectively carry out your 5th wheel RV.
  • Towing Capacity - Check out the details of your truck in the user’s manual, see how much weight your vehicle can haul behind it. The towing limit should give you an understanding of how heavy your truck can bear plus add the importance of the 5th wheel RV’s weight.
  • Net Combined Weight - When your truck has hitched and loaded your 5th wheel, the weight of the loaded trailer and your truck’s weight constitutes the net combined weight of both vehicles. Towing more load than your pickup can, will damage the truck’s engine and could lead to early weariness and breakdowns.
  • Gas or Diesel - Gas engines tend to cost less when it comes to maintenance and loading up gas. However, the diesel engine can save you money in the long run. Diesel engines have a higher pull capacity because of their torque outputs. Additionally, diesel engines are excellent for hauling massive 5th wheel trailers.

Long vs. Short Bed: Which one to choose

Here’s a quick answer whether which type of truck you should pick for your 5th wheel RV.

A truck with long beds is an excellent pick to tow your massive 5th wheel RV. However, it costs a bit much compared to short bed trucks.

There are heavy-duty trucks like Ford F-350 and Ram 3500 that could easily handle sharp turns, weights, and bear your 5th wheel’s towing capacity. With these larger trucks, you can anticipate less strain on the suspension and can pull heavy trailers. Likewise, a long bed truck keeps sharp turns easy, trouble-free, and offers safe journeys.

Hitches of the 5th wheel RVs should be attached at the front-rear axle of the vehicle. So, campers can sit and see if there are clearance issues with the truck during traveling. Long bed trucks provide plenty of clearance when turning sharp curves without the aid of pin boxes or hitches.

Short-bed vehicles may run into some clearance issues as the trailer might be so close to the cab while making sharp turns. Short bed trucks can offer a solution if you want to tow your 5th wheel RV. You need to install specialized hitches to resolve the issue of turning your 5th wheel RV.

If you plan to tow a sizable 5th wheel RV with a smaller truck, then you have some options to choose like the Silverado 1500. However, you may need to upgrade your truck's suspension to help level and stabilize your vehicle. It’s also worth remembering that your short bed trucks can pull and haul small 5th wheel RV.

​Best Trucks for 5th wheel RV

Ford F-350

This super-duty Ford F-350 comes with 27500lbs max 5th wheel towing capacity. Turbocharging with 450 horsepower and 935 torque output, F350 brings advance hauling capability. Equipped with seven cameras around the truck and other safety features, this unit can easily be considered to buy. Another feature of this truck is the Brake Support and Collision Warning that can be integrated with trailer brake control to keep your 5th wheel in a safe distance. Though F-350 comes with a hefty price, this powerful truck can haul a sizable 5th wheel RV easily.

Ram 3500

The Ram 3500 can tow large 5th wheel RVs without a problem with its 30000lbs towing capacity. Powerful than ever, this rugged truck comes with 930 torque output and dependable 3850 horsepower to pull large trailers. Ram 3500’s user-friendly infotainment is widely praised in addition to the safety features that come with the truck. Equipped with Electronic Stability Control and cargo view camera behind the vehicle, which makes for the truck to hitch a 5th wheel RV easier.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

With its impressive 12000lbs towing capacity, the Silverado 1500 comes close to Ford in the half-ton truck category. The truck has a 6.2L V8 engine that produces powerful 420 horsepower and 460lb-ft torque power, which makes it easy to haul small trailers and 5th wheel RVs. The fuel-efficient Silverado 1500 is equipped with a Tow/Haul drive mode option that allows the driver to hitch large RV.


Now that we've roundup some powerful trucks to tow a 5th wheel camper, you have understood the things to consider when hauling a large trailer. Always keep in mind what's the best truck for 5th wheel RVs that will give you the best experience.

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