Best Wax Gelcoat for RV

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat

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Keeping your RV in the best condition is among the top ways of protecting this priced asset. For maintenance and cleaning purposes of the RV, the best wax for gelcoat RV is required.

However, laying your hands on just the perfect wax can prove to be quite a challenge.

The market is littered with lots of RV waxes, making things even more complicated when it comes to making the choice on which one to get. Luckily enough, this review is here to aid in making a smart and informed decision as far as RV wax is concerned.

Best Wax Gelcoat for RV
Comparison Chart

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 1

Meguiar’s M5032 Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 2

Meguiar’s M6332 Flagship premium marine wax

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 3

3M Marine Restorer & Wax (09006)

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 4

Meguiar’s M5616 Marine RV Pure Wax Carnauba Blend

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 5

Gel-gloss RV Wash and Wax

Best Wax Gelcoat for RV Reviews

Meguiar’s M5032 Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 6

When you are searching for the best RV wax and polish, give some consideration to the M5032. It features among the best effective products you will come across online, for waxing purposes.

Among the things this product boasts is its ability to wax and clean in just a single step. For a person who lacks an abundance of time, a product that will save you time while also guaranteeing the desired results is a product you should be looking for. All this you are going to get with this product.

Product Highlights

This product may be used on other vehicles that require waxing, cleaning, and general protection. As such, apart from RVs, you can use it to wax trucks, trailers, motorcycles, boats, and motorhomes. It comes as a professional-grade product that will do the cleaning and waxing for you in quick, easy steps.

It does not leave even a single scratch on the surface as the formula is non-abrasive made from top-end ingredients. It is also free from any chemicals that may cause damage to the body of the RV, truck, trailer, or boat. This one-step wax cleaner is also versatile, meaning it may be used on various material types. This includes surface materials of the RV, as well as gel coats.

The product also acts as a shield that protects your RV from the adverse effects of UV rays, salt, corrosion, and wind. This ensures that your RV not only remains clean but will also be looking like new.

Also, the color, brilliance, and gloss of surfaces made of gel coat are restored. You also have the option of either applying it by hand or using a machine.

The Good

The product has anti-corrosive ingredients incorporated into it that aid in eliminating rust. Light oxidation, minor scratches, haze, and swirls are also removed. Long-lasting protection from negative aspects of the environment is assured by potent protective ingredients also incorporated in it.

You can get it in varying sizes of 16 and 32 ounces and also 1 gallon, depending on the particular application surface. The formula is versatile, effective, and safe by hand, rotary buffer, or DA polisher.

The Bad

Using it on the gel coat is not highly recommended though you can use it on surfaces having a high gloss. If the RV has a warm feel to it, as is the case in sunny conditions, you have to wipe it off almost as quickly as you make the application. Otherwise, it will bake in, and removing the residue is practically impossible.


  • Single-step cleaning and waxing
  • Able to eliminate minor swirls, oxidation, and scratches
  • Economically comes in a big 32-ounce container
  • Non-abrasive
  • Easy and quick application


  • Perfect gloss may not be achievable for heavily worn-out surfaces

Meguiar's M6332 Flagship premium marine wax

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 7

If what you are looking for is the ideal wax for an RV surface that necessitates waxing and cleaning, or aluminum travel trailer, your search should lead you to Meguiar's M6332 Flagship premium marine wax. The product has very high efficiency, along with an excellent ingredient formulation that will eliminate the slightest of swirls, oxidation, and scratches.

Aside from its remarkable efficiency, you can also look at the ease with which its application comes with. This categorizes the product among the top with only a few others. No one is ready to get a product that will give you a hard time as you apply it, more so if the application has to be done over after a few weeks.

Product Highlights

With this buy, you are offered a one-step application. It also provides good value for your money as it comes in a bottle of 32 oz. It is also quite versatile to use on fiberglass and gel coat surfaces, giving them that deep, long-lasting shine and gloss. Not only is it a wax that is effective, but also an excellent remover of small scratches, minor swirls, and light oxidation. You can use it on marine and boat applications.

A considerable amount of it is not necessary to obtain the results you want. Given that the RV is more often than not exposed to sunlight, we love the ability of the wax to protect from the harmful effects of the UV rays. This significantly boosts the durability of the RV as it is protected from wear and tear.

The Good

For long durations exposed to the sun, the marine boat wax shields from the effects of ultraviolet rays. It also eliminates fine scratches, light oxidation, and swirls while at the same time offering durable polymer protection. It will take the hassle away from the routine of RV care. It also does not spoil painted names on boat stern lettering.

The Bad

The product contains minor abrasive components among the ingredients that you would want to stay clear of if you have porous surfaces on your RV or other vehicles.


  • Offers protection from ultraviolet rays from the sun
  • The application can be done manually or using a machine
  • Easy application
  • Awesome water-repellant characteristics
  • Economical
  • Gives a fabulous, glossy finish


  • High cost

3M Marine Restorer & Wax (09006)

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 8

The 3M Marine Restorer & Wax (09006) has a number of standout qualities that are to be appreciated.

To begin with, it is as economical as they come, as you get it in a container of 33.8 ounces. With this, you do not have to go back shopping for new wax every now and then. It will last even longer if it is used to polish fiberglass surfaces and polish gel coat only occasionally.

This wax is able to protect gel coat materials and fiberglass from the harmful effects of oxidation that often cause the surfaces to wear out.

Product Highlights

The wax is nonabrasive. As such, you do not to be worried about it leaving any harmful residue on the RVs surface. It is also quite an effective wax when it comes to polishing and cleaning the surface over a long time period.

Among the ingredients, is a wax combination that works together effectively to polish a variety of surfaces. With this combination, only one application will restore the gloss and shine back into your RV.

A layer of protection is added to the RV that works well in repelling the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. It leaves the vehicle with a sparklingly clean look even when exposed to the sun over long durations, as is usually the case.

The Good

This liquid formulation is quite convenient and brings together a rubbing compound with a unique wax blend. In a single application, the shine is restored, and a protective layer will be added to give you the glistening layer of shine you’re looking for. This also guarantees long-lasting protection.

Contaminants are stripped away while restoring the gloss at the same time. Using it is quite easy to remove the film, marks, and heavy oxidation from surfaces of watercraft.

The Bad

A buffer is necessary to make it easier on the elbow if you don’t want to apply it using your hands. You might also require large amounts where the finish is heavily oxidized for the oxidation to be eliminated.


  • Heavy oxidation can be removed
  • Application only requires a single step
  • The surface of the RV is protected from swirls and scratches
  • Restores and maintains a shiny finish
  • May be used with a hand pad or a polisher


  • High leakage tendency
  • Costly

Meguiar's M5616 Marine RV Pure Wax Carnauba Blend

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 9

If you’re shopping for an RV wax that can protect your RV or boat from harmful UV rays, the Meguiar’s M5616 Marine RV pure WAX carnauba blend is a product you should be looking at. It can give your RV or boat that lasting glossy shine you want so much.

The wax is made from nothing but the best ingredients that include among the most prized ingredient, pure carnauba wax, the top RV wax ingredient on the market.

Product Highlights

The pure carnauba wax formula is particularly designed to work on gel coating materials and fiberglass that RVs are made out of. For DIYers, more particularly, this comes as one of the best RV maintenance and cleaning agents.

Its effectiveness is guaranteed by its blending of polymers and resins, offering your RV surface and paints a protective shield. The product uses them to deliver amazing results when it comes to protection from UV rays and outer elements. It is also safe for use on a variety of surfaces.

Abrasive ingredients are not contained in the product as these cause damage to the RV surface. This wax is as efficient on dark colors and metal flake surface coatings that are clear-coated.

Convenience and versatility are among other advantages that are guaranteed with this product as it not only polishes but also provides protection to the RV. It shields the RV from degradation as a result of being subjected to outside elements. It may be used not only for RVs but also for campers, trucks, trailers, and boats.

The Good

It is available in a 16 oz as well as 1-gallon size according to the amount of product you require for your particular task. Blending of carnauba wax from Brazil with polymers, silicones and resins give a sparkling gloss that will give your recreational vehicle that new look. You don’t need to worry about it not working on finishes of clear-coated metal flake and dark colors.

The Bad

You have to wipe off the product after it dries following the application. On drying, a powdery film gets left behind. It is not recommended for use on aluminum boats that are not painted.


  • Application only requires a single step
  • High efficiency on clear-coated metal flake or dark finishing color
  • Proven ingredients with high efficiency
  • Restores and maintains a glossy finishing on the surface
  • An application may be done by hand or a machine


  • Areas of heavy oxidation may render it ineffective

Gel-gloss RV Wash and Wax

The 5 Best Waxes for RV Gelcoat 10

This is the perfect choice if you want to be as economical as possible since it comes in a container with a 1-gallon capacity. With such an enormous volume, you can use it on more than a single application. This is in contrast to other products that you will come across in the same category; it will give you a couple more weeks before your next buy saving you a significant amount.

It is an ideal choice for RV owners who lack the luxury of time, as not a great deal of time is required to be spent polishing the surface of the RV. The desired result is instantly achieved with the product.

Product Highlights

With the product, you are not limited to only one means of application, as you can apply it very well using either your hands or a machine. With just a single application using the polisher or hand pads, you can look forward to receiving the results you want.

The product comes from TR Industries, a leading manufacturer when it comes to top-quality polishes and cleaners designed for various surfaces within your house, RV, or auto.

No phosphates are contained, and it is biodegradable. This ensures it maintains not only your RV, but it is also safe for the environment around the RV. On top of it serving as a protective wax, it restores and provides a sparkling new shine on the surface of the RV.

In just a single application, you get a bright, shiny finish. It is a marvelous choice since contained in it are only potent but gentle ingredients for cleaning and shining the RV. Using it does not leave water spots, neither does it cause streaking.

The Good

It provides a full line of top-quality cleaning and polishing for most surfaces of your recreational vehicle, auto, or home. It can polish your RV exterior, condition car leather seats, laminate home floors, and clean hardwood. It is quite economical in that one quart can produce 16 cleaner gallons.

The Bad

It might become a challenge to get rid of stains from bugs or road debris on the front of the RV for some people. It will not remove any previous layers of wax.


  • Economical as it comes in a large container
  • Friendly to the environment as the ingredients are biodegradable.
  • Free from streaking and water spots
  • Pure carnauba wax used to give excellent protection to the surface


  • May not provide desired results when used on areas with heavy oxidation

Buyers Guide

Going shopping for a gel-coat RV wax, you want to know the tips on how to select the best one to fit your needs. Below, we highlight those key areas to consider before making your purchase.

Non-Abrasive Ingredients

Some waxes contain chemicals that have abrasives in their ingredients. You don’t want to go for a wax that contains such chemicals because it will result in the surface being left with scratches or powder marks.

The Durability of the Shine

When shopping for wax, you want the best available quality. In particular, you want one that will last a long time after the application. The product must not only be capable of cleaning, polishing, and also waxing the RV, but the result obtained should remain seen for a long duration.

Wax Container Choice

For owners of RVs that are still pretty new, you should be more interested in purchasing the spray variety of the product. This will give you an instant finish. Bear in mind, however, that the spray variety is subject to quickly wearing out.

For that reason, its application is deemed suitable for only the occasional application. If you are interested in using the product on a more regular basis, choose the container variety over the spray.


Regardless of how appealing a product may sound to you, price is almost always a significant consideration. You cannot buy something that is outside your price range or budget. When it comes to RV wax, weigh the various options available.

Nonetheless, the quality of the product should not be overlooked in this regard. To begin with, you can compare the prices of top-tier products, such as the ones reviewed above, and go for one whose price is most convenient for you. Their prices are very variable.

Ease of Application

As with most DIY projects, you require something that will not be challenging for you. Easy-to-apply wax will save you time as well as allowing you to enjoy the whole waxing procedure.

Go for products that require only one step in the application while guaranteeing the best results.

Water Repellant 

To maintain the new look of a recreational vehicle interior and exterior surfaces, RV wax can keep your surfaces and exterior looking nearly new. An essential aspect of the wax is that it prevents seepage of water through it. An added advantage is that no greasy residues are left on the vehicle’s surface as it achieves this.

Removal of Oxidation, Swirls, and Scratches

The product you select should be able to deal with oxidation, swirls, and scratches that are very common on recreational vehicles because the vehicles are subjected to unfavorable outdoor elements such as snow, rain, and the sun.

A product capable of removing oxidation, swirls, and scratches can save you a lot in terms of maintenance costs on your RV by offering protection. You should also ensure the product you get is able to protect the RV from UV rays.

Additional Aspects

Some extra considerations to take into account before making buying are the, container size and availability.

Though not very important, you might want to go for wax that is economically packaged in a large-volume container. The handling and appearance of the container are minor considerations.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed and discussed the top waxes for gelcoat RVs for you to choose from. With the details provided, you can't go wrong with any of these top brands. 

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