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For most people, going on a road trip would be the ultimate adventure. Imagine driving through different scenic views, stopping over to take pictures, or to simply take in the woodsy, crisp scent of the countryside. Traveling in an RV might be a perfect vacation preference. However, the cost of purchasing one might not be efficient for some. Many might ask, can you rent an RV? And the answer is, yes! You definitely can! It’s more cost-efficient, no long-term commitments, yet you can enjoy the perks of this unique mode of travel.

But before you make that decision, let me tell you first everything you need to know about RV rental.

What are the different kinds of RV?

Before asking the question, “Can you rent an RV?”, the first thing you have to consider is what type of RV you’ll be renting. Just like your regular cars, RVs come in many shapes and sizes. You have to determine which one fits you best.

  • Class A Motorhome - This RV is one of the biggest of its kind. That means you can enjoy the comfort of ample space with luxurious amenities. However, keep in mind that driving this RV can be intimidating due to its massive size.  Besides, renting this RV can also be very costly. 
  • Class C Motorhome - If you want a midsize RV that’s perfect for families, this might be an excellent option to have. It has all the necessary amenities to make your trip comfortable. This RV is also a bit cheaper and easier to maneuver. 
  • Fifth Wheel Camper - One of the most popular among RVers, this type of RV is cost-efficient and practical. It offers basic amenities such as two full-size beds, a kitchen, a small dining area, and a bathroom. 
  • Towable Travel Trailer- This type of RV can be easily attached to your truck or SUV. It offers basic amenities for comfort and convenience without sacrificing your budget. 

Where can you rent an RV?

Once you’ve decided on which RV you’d prefer, the next question would be, where can you rent an RV? There are many ways to rent an RV. You can find many online directories for reference. Consider reviews from previous clients and find the best deal that works for you. Here are a few ways to rent a recreational vehicle:

  • Peer-to-peer Rentals: Just like Airbnb, you can find many RV enthusiasts online who are willing to rent their RVs. Sites like Outdoorsy and RVshare let you connect to RVers near you. We personally prefer this way to rent since it offers a wide range of options without tightening your budget. 
  • RV Rental Companies: Although this way of rental is the most convenient, many RVers opt out since it can be very pricey. 
  • RV Dealership: Some RV dealers also offer rental options. However, the choices available might be limited. 

How much does an RV rental cost?

RV rentals do not come cheap. Aside from the cost of the rental, you might also want to consider the deposit and insurance you need to pay for upon availing the rental service. Most rental places will require you at least one deposit to make a reservation.

Like most rental vehicles, rates can go up drastically during peak seasons. So it’s best to rent an RV and prepare everything you’ll need ahead of schedule. It will give you ample time to plan for your budget outline. Making your trip itinerary can help you maximize your RV rental. You have to remember that as a standard car rental, you will have to pay a daily rate for your RV. Also, you might be charged for mileage. Plan your route so that you’ll know what to expect and avoid going over your budget.

To give you an overview of how much does it cost to rent an RV, here’s an average rate based on different references we found online: 



Class A Motorhome

$175 to $275 per night

Class C Motorhome

$150 to $200 per night

Fifth Wheel Camper

$100 to $200 per night

Towable Travel Trailer

$50 to $125 per night

Can you rent an RV online?

If you are looking for convenience and practical ways to rent, try booking online. Find an online RV rental company of your liking, enter your preferred date and location, then hit “search.”

Browse through the different RV rentals available. Reviews with 5-star ratings can assure you of a better RV experience. Learn more about the RV you want to rent by considering the following keywords in your search:

  • Mileage costsSome RV rental might charge you for additional mileage over the allotted one. 
  • Rental details and Amenities: Each RV owner will have a different set of rules and different amenities to offer. Find the one which suits you best.
  • Rental details and Amenities: Each RV owner will have a different set of rules and different amenities to offer. Find the one which suits you best.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Real customer reviews help you to decide on what RV to rent. You can usually find these at the bottom part of the page.  

Are there other fees to consider?

When you rent an RV, in addition to daily rentals, you also have to consider setting aside a chunk of your budget for a few other expenses. If you plan to stay in a campground, you will need to pay for your camp spot. Gas should also be a priority in your total expenses. Another thing to consider is taxes. They vary depending on which state you’ll be picking your RV rental from. Lastly, you have to consider rental insurance. Some RV owners provide up to $1 million in insurance. But you can also opt to purchase trip insurance of your own instead.


RV rental presents many pros and cons to travelers. However, the key to a seamless experience would be planning your trip carefully. We hope this article has answered a few of your questions on how you can rent an RV. After learning the ins and outs of RV rental, it’s time to stop asking yourself the question, “Can you rent an RV?”, pack your things up and hit the road for an ultimate home on wheels experience. 

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