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UPDATED June 22, 2020  
by Sandy Maccane

How To Get A Satellite TV For Your RV

How To Get A Satellite TV For Your RV

Most RVers who like staying off-grid may still want to have the conveniences and comforts of home, including televisions and computers.

For most RVers who want to stay in tune and watch their favorite shows, there are satellite TVs that can offer the highest quality. It’s a fantastic concept that even in remote areas, you’d be able to watch TV.

Did you know that Dish satellite or DirecTV can be available to serve almost anywhere? To find out what your options are and how to get satellite TV for your RV, you should read this article. We’ll teach you how to set up your satellite TV, and we’ll share with you the cost of such subscriptions.

What are your TV options

There are different methods to get a TV signal for RV. You can use satellite, antenna, and cable, depending on RVer’s budget and journeys. If you’re looking for additional internet access, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, satellite RV is a great option.

A popular way to get such reception is using a satellite dish, although RVers who chooses this option consider updating their subscription to get local network channels with the network company.

Satellite TV delivers programs and shows in high-definition channels. A yearly contract needs to agree with the customer and the network company. Dish satellite and DirecTV are the two most common providers of satellite TV for RV.

​How does satellite TV work

There are different ways to use a satellite TV to RV, and one is by using a portable satellite that can be used outside of the RV. DirecTV and Dish Network are the two most popular satellite TV available for customers.

Cable television requires a cable subscription to hook up a TV reception, so it’s a better option for RVers who frequently park in campgrounds. Comcast and Time Warner cable are two most popular cable TV networks. Although cable offers fewer channels to watch, it’s cheaper than a portable satellite. Most RV parks and camping sites charge RVers who use cable TV hookups.

Antennas allow customers to receive local broadcast channels over the air for free. This device is usually mounted outside of your RV to receive channels like FOX, ABC, and NBC. Using antenna TVs may not be as efficient to receive such channels, but it’s better than nothing at all. You can usually watch TV shows up to 25 miles away by sticking the antenna out your RV windows.

​How to set up your satellite TV

We’ll explain to you the steps to set up your satellite TV once you have decided which TV network you select. After you have purchased the equipment, follow these steps to set up your satellite TV with the provider.

  • Step 1: You will need to signup for Dish Network or DirecTV satellite receivers. Then, you need to acquire an account with either the network company before connecting the equipment to your TV. We recommend getting your subscription if you’re planning to use satellite TV even when you’re camping or a full-time RV living throughout the year.
  • Step 2: Make sure that your RV has a power source and a portable satellite dish to receive HD TV channels. Setting up satellite RV is comfortable, and in remote places, you will still get TV signals. You will need to find a better set up for your TV receiver and dish so you can enjoy watching TV in high-definition. You can buy TV jacks and cables to connect your TV to satellite receivers.

​Subscriptions and contracts

Most likely, you need to have a contract with a satellite TV provider. As a word for a warning, satellite TV providers come with an early termination fee.

The initial Dish network subscription plan offers popular TV channels that cost about $19.99 per month, which you’ll get a Hopper DVR. Though far fewer than other expensive packages, you will have plenty of shows to watch and enjoy your time. The Dish network offers different bundles starting at $59.99 per month, with 190 TV channels. The top-level package costs about $89.99 per month, which has more than 290 channels.

The termination fee for the Dish network is $20 each month left on your subscription plan.

DirecTV requires the customer to signup a two-year subscription plan of their choice. The cheapest plan that DirecTV can offer is the Select package that has more than 155 channels for $35 per month. If you like sports, you will love the Ultimate and Premiere bundle because it lets you watch NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, and Cinemax. DirecTV also offers numerous high-definition TV shows and movies. The package includes a Genie receiver/DVR, which allows the customer to record TV shows while watching. Customers will have an incredible experience of watching TV with different packages that DirecTV offers.

DirecTV also has an early termination fee, which is $20 per month left of the subscription plan.

​Free Installation

RVers use the antenna to receive TV channels will have free installation. You need to buy an antenna and mount the equipment on top of your RV. Keep in mind to find a better position for your antenna so you can receive excellent reception for your TV.

The good news about the Dish network is you don’t have to pay any installation fee with their satellite dish. You need to set an appointment with the Dish installation team, and the team will set up your DVR system free of charge.

On the other hand, the DirecTV network comes with a$35 installation fee after signing up for the two-year program of the system.


How to get satellite TV for your RV is easy, however, considering which TV provider is another matter. Find the satellite TV network that will suit your lifestyle and budget. Most RVers who like boondocking or living off-grid is one thing to think about before signing up for any satellite TV. Remember to find the best TV network that will suit your budget since most RVers often go with ‘how much’ rather than ‘what is more.’

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