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UPDATED June 22, 2020  
by Emily Holbrook

How To Hook Up A 30-Amp RV Plug: A DIY Guide

How To Hook Up A 30-Amp RV Plug A DIY Guide

The most important part of powering up your RV is that you need to be aware of the service your RV has and have the connections to keep your power going at any place at any time. RV electrical system has two amperages: 30 amp and 50 amp. In this article, you will know more about 30 amps. As we go along the article, we will also learn how to hook up a 30 amp RV plug.

The majority of RVs come with a 30 amp electrical system. Using the 30 amp electrical system in your RV is quite different than using a 200 amp electrical system at home.

30 Amp vs. 50 Amp

In making sure that the power in your RV is sufficient enough to hold all your appliances and gadgets, you will need to hook up the electrical system. In hooking up an electric system, you can choose in between these two ways.

  • Buying a safe that is complete with everything you need
  • Install a 30/50 amp hook up

When traveling, it is ideal that you install a hook up for your RV to avoid an emergency. Now, let us differentiate 30 amp and 50 amp, and how to hook up 30 amp RV plug.

30 amp - Smaller RVs commonly use a 30 amp service. You can run several appliances inside your RV like an aircon, refrigerator, and maybe microwave oven. But this is limited. You can't use your appliances at the same time. This means that you need to switch off one of your appliances before you can use the other one.

50 amp - For larger RVs, 50 amp service is common. This service works on running several appliances at the same time. You will no longer need to switch off one appliance when you need to use the other one.

​Why Do You Need A 30 Amp Service for Your RV

Traditional camping would surely mean that you are prepared to go into adventure, expecting things like there will be no electric power and no place to sleep comfortably. However, all of these things have changed with the discovery of RVs in going into camp. You need to know how to hook up 30 amp RV plug and the benefits of 30 amp power service.

Another issue that we may also have in using these RVs is the fact that you may also need electric power. In dealing with electricity needs, you will need a reliable power that can manage your electrical needs. A 30 amp service is enough to distribute the power required in your RV.

Here are some of the benefits of using 30 amp service:

  • Helps You Charge Necessary Equipment for Camping-Going into camp is not an easy task for everyone at all. And that is why preparation is a must to avoid any problems to arise at a later time. And of course, one of the main concerns that we may have in doing camping is the fact that you may need to charge up your equipment like flashlights. Having electricity in your RVs would be great since it would help you recharge any equipment you may need, and you need to visit your RV anytime.  
  • Ease of Appliance/Device Recharging - Having electricity in your RV is indeed literally crucial in a way that you have a place comfortable since some RVs possess air conditioner. And of course, it would be great for any camper to have a place to lie down and rest while you are still charging your necessary equipment. 
  • Easier Life - Having electric power also means that you could use the help of advanced equipment nowadays. And that is why you could surely have an easy life at all since you could use this equipment. Equipment for cooking and even hot shower would be available in these RVs, and it would not be functional at all if you don't have electric power at all. 

​How to Hook Up 30 Amp RV Plug

One of the things that you need to take note of, which makes these getting an electric power possible, is the fact that you need to know how to hook up 30 amp RV plug.


  • The first step that you may need to do is to cut an inch of the cord's coat material off from the three wires.
  • Be cautious enough not to damage the separate insulation wrapping every wire.
  • After that, you may also need to strip 1/2 inch of insulation from each of the three wires using the wire strippers. 
  • Then, it would help if you twisted the bared strands of each wire, so you have three tight, rope-like threads.
  • You may also need to unscrew the fastener in the center of the TT-30P's underside, turn it over so that the pins point downward, and lift off the top.
  • However, it would be best if you were careful not to draw the brass pins from their respective housings.
  • Another vital step that you need to take note is the fact that you need to follow the color codes, which match wires to connections. 
  • The black, hot cable attaches to the brass-colored screw then the white, neutral wire connects to the silver-colored screw. 
  • The green (sometimes bare), a ground wire connects to the green-colored screw. If there is no green screw, combine the ground wire to the U-shaped pin.
  • And last, of all, you may need to secure the cord to the inside of the 30-amp RV plug by tightening the small internal harness across the top of the cord's jacket material.
  • Replace the plug's top, and reinstall the fastener.


Before going to RV camping, one of the necessary things we need to prioritize is the electricity reliability in our RV. We need to make sure that it is working well and is sufficient enough so that we can use our appliances. We all know that we need the power to make our machines run and make our life easier.

With the given information about 30 amp power service and steps on how to hook up 30 amp RV plug, I bet it will be easier for you to make your RV living easier because you planned everything ahead of time.

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