how to hook up 50 amp service for RV

How To Hook Up A 50-Amp Service For RVs: A Quick Guide

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You don't need to be an electrical maintenance specialist to work or fix your RV plugs. In this article, we will provide you with a few simple steps on how to hook up 50 amp service for RV. Additionally, we will answer what a 50 amp is and some questions like what are the materials needed to install a 50 amp in an RV? It's essential to know the steps because these days, RVing, camping, and outdoor traveling are emerging trends.

First thing first, if you’re not sure what you are going to do, we recommend seeking the help of a repairman. Plus, always exercise safety precautions when dealing with electricity.

What is a 50-Amp Connection

The 50-amp connection has four wires with two hot pins of 120 volts. There’s a misbelief about this 50-amp RV power service that it has a unique source of power. This device can be used in various applications, a noted appearance of a 50-amp standard 120/240 volts with four prongs.

You can draw 120 or 240 volts from each leg of 50-amp RV service which you can get 6000 watts to use in the RV. Most 50-amp RV uses both sides of the pins to produce 120 volts. The total amperage for 50-amp 3 poles four-wire service is far better than of 30-amp service.

30-amp with 120 volts = 3600 watts service
50-amp with 120/240 volts = 12000 watts service

The appearance of a 50-amp service shows a half round pin which is the Ground, while the White below it is the Neutral and the other two split service Black wires are the Hot feed 120-volts. This device is the power service you’re going to use in your RV.

What are the materials needed

Your old appliance uses 50-amp 3 wire with 120/240-volt service, so don’t confuse yourself with the 50-amp four-wire 120/240 volt that you use for your RV.

  • Norden Gateleg Table. This ultra-compact table comes with 10.5 inches when not in use. Additionally, the table features a drawer that adds extra storage to your RV.
  • Ingatorp Drop Leaf Table – this lightweight drop-leaf table fits nicely to the dining area because it can accommodate four-person for dinner. This folding table can transform into a size of a desk to save space for your RV home.
  • Ekedalen Extendable Table. This extendable table offers convenience in your dining area. They are lightweight and easy to set up, plus you can fold them down to a small desk.

Here are the materials needed to connect 50-amp for RV 

  • One piece of double-pole breaker with 50-amp 120/240 volt
  • One-piece of 14-50 receptacle plug 
  • Two Black (Hot), 1 White (Neutral) and 1 Ground sized wire

It’s important to check all the new electrical installation with a voltmeter. There should be 240-volt between the two (Hot) wires. Keep in mind to check all accessible outlets before plugging in the first time. You can determine the service if it has 12000 watts available for your RV to use. The wire size should be 25ft for #8, #6 is 50ft and #4 is approximately 100ft. Depending on your wire size choice, you should expect that your wires match the pins of your plugs.

How to hook up 50 amp service for RV

  • Shut off the Main Breaker – before doing and peeling off the cover of any wire; it’s a safety precaution to power down the primary power source. It would be best if you pull the lever to the ‘off’ position first to turn off the breaker to reduce the risk of electrocution. You may do some tests to make sure the power is down before holding or manipulating the wires inside.
  • Manipulating the Wires – pull all the wires from the outlet or the receptacle. You need to locate or install a double-pole 50 amp 120/240 volt breaker into your main service box. Be careful not to miss the colors of the wire as they will be your guide to place the cables into their designated service.
  • Color Coding – try to connect the Red wire to one terminal (the Y configuration) on the outlet of the breaker. You can do the same process with the Black wire by connecting the wire (X configuration) to the outlet side of the source breaker. Connect the White wire into the neutral bus-service. Then, you can connect the Green cable to the ground block in the service. Note: The X and  Y configuration are interchangeable .
  • Hooking up the 50-amp wires – you need to install the Green wire in the half-round receiver, which you can find on top of the receiver. The White wire should be connected to the receiver which is the opposite position of the half-round receiver. Then, connect the Red wire to the Y configuration. After that, you can wire the Black cable to the X configuration. Remember to join the Black and Red wire to each designated screws on the breaker.
  • Test your newly installed 50-amp outlet – flip the lever into ‘on’ position to switch the power breaker back on. Now, turn on the double breaker that you installed, which supplies the new 50-amp outlet. You can use a voltmeter to test the supply of power to the outlet. Place the probes on the receivers correctly, one for the Hot and another for Neutral receiver. You should expect 120 volts are reading on either side of the pins. Try the same process on both Hot and Neutral, and you can expect the same reading. When you place the probes on both of the Hot receivers, you should have 240 volts power reading.

If you receive the correct reading from the voltage meter in all the pins from the outlet, then you are ready to try it on your RV.


There you go! In 5 easy steps, you already know how to hook up a 50-amp service for RV on your own. However, always remember to exercise safety measures, especially when it comes to electricity. You should keep in mind that you are dealing with electrical wiring, and there's a possibility of accidents happening if the steps are not followed properly.

Lastly, overloaded outlets create a risk of damages and unexpected hazards. Always maintain a safe environment as much as possible.s and not just an ordinary traveling vehicle you use. Just like any motorhome, your RV needs furniture like beds, tables and chairs. When you consider buying an RV furniture, we hope that you take into account the tips we have listed as your guide. Because your RV needs to select furniture, always keep in mind your preference and what suits your motorhome.

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