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How To Sell An RV Trailer For The Most Money

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Considering how RVs are gaining popularity nowadays, it is safe to say that it is a whole lot easier to put a price on your RV and have it sold in a blink of an eye. However, that is not always the case. And sometimes, we need help and learn how to sell an RV trailer for the most money.

There are a ton of things to consider when selling and buying an RV. Much like any kind of major purchase, you should expect that your buyer would do their research. So make sure that your RV would catch their eye in terms of its performance, condition, and reasonable price as well.

Ways on How To Sell An RV Trailer

Displaying it On Your Yard or Street

When you’re trying to get the word out that you’re putting your RV on sale, the least that you can do it have it on display and let passersby see it. Rather than parking your RV inside your garage, let it sit out on your yard or along your street with a ‘for sale’ sign so that people will start noticing your sale. You can always park your RV back inside your garage during the night if you don’t anything damaging it, and have it back outside in the morning.

Putting a “For Sale” Sign and Going for A Ride

If your neighborhood isn’t the best market for you, you can head on and display your RV to a bigger audience by going around town with your ‘for sale’ up on the windows. You can go to the grocery and run errands, and whoever passes by your RV will get a glimpse of your ad. Make sure that your prints are big enough and includes your contact details so that potential buyers can contact you.

Online Selling Is A Go

With the advent of marketplaces in social networking sites such as Facebook, you can easily post an ad for your RV. Remember to be as detailed as you can when creating your ad as people online don’t exactly have the luxury to visit your RV and expect it first hand. Try to include detailed pictures and even a video walkthrough of the RV in your post. Make sure that these pictures capture the best angles of your RV, as this will be the only basis of potential online buyers. If you would include a video walkthrough of your RV, make sure to emphasize the features and pros of the RV.

Browsing Online RV Website

If you’re looking for a more secure and specific site to post your ad, online RV websites often have networking features that can connect you to RV enthusiasts that might be interested or looking for an RV. Not only are you within your niche, but you can also meet new people and create networks within the community.

Tips How to Make a Good Sale for Your RV

Decide the Right Price For You RV

Determining what the fair price for your RV would be is considered the hardest part of this whole process. As a seller, you would want to get as much as you can from your sale. But you also have to consider the condition of your RV and the current trend in the market. Putting up a price too high might not even get you an inquiry, and a sale too low would be bad business.

Come up with a reasonable price for your RV by basing it on the prices of brand new RVs in the market and establish the ‘actual’ worth of your trailer. Also, to make sure that you’re within the price range, compare yours with other trailers for sale in your area.

Fix Minor Issues 

Even before you make an ad or post for your RV, you have to make sure that your RV is at its best possible condition. Fix whatever you can fix or have it serviced before having anyone look at your trailer. If there’s anything major issue that needs fixing, fully disclose it to your buyers.

Have Your RV Cleaned and Ready to Stage

Have your RV trailer showroom ready by ridding it of any filth. Clean your RV and clear all of the storage, and also make sure to get it odor-free. Spending a little bit more to have your RV spotless clean inside and out won’t only make your RV presentable, but also give off the idea that you took care of your RV and kept it in that condition.

Always Be Ready to Sell

Knowing how to sell an RV trailer is not limited to preparing your RV, you also have to know to sell your RV to people. Meeting potential buyers personally is a lot harder than entertaining questions coming from your online ads. Whenever someone shows interest in seeing the trailer first hand, be ready by dressing presentably, as well as making some last-minute cleanups in your RV.

Upon meeting, be friendly and try to establish a rapport with your buyer while keeping things professional and business-like. Cater to their needs and questions and sell your RV’s best features. Make sure not to sell over-sell things and keep yourself from sounding desperate.

When it’s time to deal, insist on transacting only in cash. Familiarize yourself with the paperwork needed around your transaction and explain everything to the buyer if there is anything unclear. Always have the necessary paperwork at hand and get the buyer’s complete information before completing any deal.


Selling your RV doesn’t have to stressful. As long as you put in the effort in preparing your RV as well as know how to sell an RV trailer properly, then you wouldn’t have any problem. Remember not to rush the process and to be patient with your buyers, and soon enough, someone will surely snag your beloved trailer from you.

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