what is the best tow vehicle for an RV

What Is The Best Tow Vehicle For An RV?– Going For An Easy Ride

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Have you ever dreamed of going on an off-the-grid adventure?  Most adventure seekers buy a fifth wheel or an RV to fulfill that dream road adventure. Now, you only need to figure out, what is the best tow vehicle for an RV.

There are plenty of trucks in the market with tons of differences to choose from, and with different capabilities. You already consider all kinds of things, like fuel efficiency, torque, and towing capacity. But is a four-wheel-drive an option for you? Is the braking control and blind-spot system must be considered too? Then, there are which automakers build the best vehicles you prefer to buy.

Despite feeling overwhelmed about these considerations, we are going to help you explore and answer each one. You have to understand first that you need to get the right force to tow your motorhome.

What is the best tow vehicle for an RV?

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee - The Grand Cherokee comes with a max towing capacity of 7200lbs, combined with capability and comfort. The vehicle also has an outfitted interior cabin and an easy to use infotainment. Grand Cherokee boasts its feature with auto-driver assistance, which includes blind-spot monitoring and cross-traffic rear alert. Additionally, this beast has a strong tow capability with its 5.7L V8 engine with 360HP and 390lb-ft for torque. With that power, you are ready to tow your RV no matter the distance.
  2. Land Rover Range Rover - The max towing capacity of Range Rover is 7700lbs that comes with a supercharged V6 engine. The engine has 355 horsepower and 369lb-ft of torque. That power optimizes the speed of the Range Rover, which carries through the eight-gear automatic transmission. Range Rover is equipped with revolutionary towing features that do the towing work with commanding strength of pulling your RV. The advanced Tow Assist makes towing a lot easier that uses center console and rear cameras to guide the trailer or RV in reverse without counter-steering. You will never get much attention when it comes to traction and resistance from your RV.
  3. Toyota Land Cruiser - The Land Cruiser is considered a luxury SUV that comes with an 8100lbs max towing capacity. The standard four-wheel drive is backed by a V8 engine that creates 381 horsepower and 401lb-ft of torque. Toyota has provided this beast with a heavy-duty integrated tow hitch that is compatible with seven-pin and four-pin trailer connectors. You get robust pulling capacity without a heavy feeling for your RV with the Land Cruiser.
  4. Ford F-150 - This light-duty pickup vehicle can pull an RV or a camper trailer without a hassle. The Ford F-150 is equipped with 9000lbs towing capacity. The turbocharged 2.7L engine sends power with 325 HP and 400lb-ft of torque to pulling large RVs. The F-150 comes with a reliable steering knob that makes the backing up of the trailer easier. Additionally, the Ford Ecoboost V6 engine ensures the strength of the vehicle to pull the RV and securely to keep a safe distance with your motorhome. Additionally, the F-150 comes with a Smart Tow Trailer connector that supports and prevents the RVs from sliding and losing control.

Best towing features of a vehicle

 There are a few ways to tow your vehicle:

  1. Tow bar – this method is called ‘four wheels down.’ The vehicle behind your RV is towed with all four wheels on the ground. An inexpensive option and used mostly for cars. Cables and safety chain tags and secure the vehicle to a specialized bar. You need to check the vehicle’s manual to see if it will work and fit the design of your tow bar. If required, you need to install supplemental light and braking system to signal or forewarn the driver behind you when you are stopping or turning. Note: there’s a bit of disadvantage using a tow bar as it limits the weight allowed to smaller vehicles. 
  2. Flatbed or enclosed trailer – This method can be the best option for towing almost any vehicle. Though this is the most expensive method, you can use the flatbed to attach large SUVs or trucks, boats, or ATVs to your RV. You will have to buy an open trailer or outfit to tow a smaller vehicle. The advantage of these enclosed trailers is that they have their brakes and lighting systems.
  3. Tow Dolly – the front wheels are mounted on a dolly while the back wheels of the smaller vehicle stayed on the ground. This option is a good pickup if you don’t plan to buy a trailer, or your transport doesn’t fit a tow bar. These dollies have some weight restrictions that need to follow, but they have lighting and built-in braking systems.

What is the best vehicle to tow behind an RV?

  • Advanced infotainment trailering app - This advanced trailering system allows RVers to track the transmission temperature, fuel, and mileage of the truck while towing your RV. The app also comes with a theft alert.
  • Braking Control - This feature prevents the vehicle from the sudden movement after you connect your truck. The hitch guidance system automatically sets to Hitch View when the car or truck is in park mode. The brake controller allows the RVers to adjust the brakes based on your load.
  • Blind Spot system - The system alerts the RVers when your rig’s blind spot has detected something. The Blind Spot system monitors the truck from other nearby vehicles, and can also sense and measure the length of your motorhome or RV.
  • Hitch guidance - Most automakers modernize their new truck models by adding hitch guidance technology. This feature makes it easier for your trailer to hitch into your truck. It also enhances the rear camera, which suggests that you may not need a spotter at the back to check the truck’s position.
  • Light check for trailer - Current truck models allow RVers to check the lights of the vehicle by using a smart key, which you can do even if you’re not at the driver’s seat.
  • Trailer backup assistance - Most automakers incorporate their top of the line trucks by adding the backup assist technology, which increases the confidence of RVers in backing up their trailer.
  • Sway Control feature - This innovative software allows the RVers to control the movement of their trailer completely. It offers stability and responds to sway automatically.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring - The trailer tire pressure monitoring allows the RVers to check the temperature and firmness of each tire to avoid overheating, which can result in blowouts and flat tires.


Thrill seekers like you can't say no when the opportunity for adventure knocks. Hopefully, after setting the features like blind-spot system or braking control for your truck, you finally have gotten the idea of what is the best tow vehicle for an RV. Maybe more than you'd anticipate, you're considering looking at different capabilities of the truck.

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