What Is The Longest RV

What Is The Longest RV? – The World Of Luxury RVs

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What is the longest RV? The longest RVs are usually the most luxurious ones. An RV, by itself, does not come cheap. How about the ones classified as Class A? These could cost millions of dollars. CBS News reports that the most expensive RV as of date on the market costs three million dollars. Truly extravagant. That will already give you carpeted entrance door stairs, glow in the dark paint, and a rooftop lounge. Living the fabulous RV life can be very costly.

For those who have lots to spend, like celebrities or tycoons, a luxurious RV might be one of the items to tick off their bucket lists. These mansions on wheels are perfect for what they call “glamping.” Let us look into the world of luxurious RVs and what they can offer.

Classes of RVs: What is the longest RV?

Before dwelling on the top manufacturers themselves, it is good to know the classes of RV first.

  • Class A ($60,000 to $500,000)  - These topnotch RVs are manufactured on a truck or commercial vehicle chassis, or a motor vehicle or bus chassis. They are what we call luxurious RVs, and they offer all the amenities imaginable. This includes slideout side panels. The cockpit has a passageway to the living area. Its length is 21 to 40 feet long.  
  • Class B ($30,000 to $130,000)  - Referred to as “campervans,” these types are built on a conventional van chassis. These may include a raised roof or a re-built backend. The chassis of this class depends on the engine design and the manufacturer’s preference. Examples of these common chassis include the Mercedes Benz Sprinter diesel and Chevy Express. Its length is 16 to 22 feet long.
  • Class C ($43,000 to $200,000+) - This one is built on a minimal truck chassis. Class C RVs have a fixed weatherproof structure that is attached to the original cab to be used as living quarters. These are renowned for the "overcab" sleeping quarters that may also be used as storage. Its length is 21 to 35 feet long. 
  • Travel Trailer ($8,000 to $95,000) - The travel trailer is pulled by another vehicle using a hitch. They are also made of weatherproof materials and may come in different sizes. There is a popular kind of travel trailer, commonly known as the "teardrop trailer." These teardrop trailers are small and compact and can accommodate two people. Its length is 12 to 35 feet long. 
  • Fifth-Wheels ($18,000 to $160,000) - Fifth-Wheels are equipped with a special in-box hitch known as the fifth-wheel coupling. The trailer body extends to the bed of the truck that is hauling the trailer. The hitch occupies more space compared to a traditional hitch, which is the biggest disadvantage to a fifth-wheel RV. It can also be a hassle to unhitch your trailer in a remote location. Its length is 21 to 40 feet long.

Why People Pick Class A RVs

What is the longest RV? The award goes to Class A and Fifth-Wheels. Generally, however, people prefer Class A over Fifth-Wheels for a bunch of reasons. The price aside, Class A, will surely give you that fabulous RV experience.

  • Leveling - Most RV owners have problems with leveling since automatic jacks take up too much room. Class A RVs have automatic leveling. Problem solved. RV owners won't have to do the tiring parts of it anymore.
  • Overall Length - As mentioned earlier, Class A is the longest RV. The average Class A ranges from 21 to 40 feet long. The longest Class A, which exceeds the average, is called the Gulf Stream Constellation. The Gulf Stream is 45 feet long.
  • Durable Chassis - Class A has the sturdiest chassis among all of the classes. It starts as a steering column, long chassis, and engine. 
  • Living Area - There is no wasted living in Class A RVs. Admittedly, they are quite bigger than the regular RV. However, the chairs may be spun to serve different purposes, for the driver's seat, passenger's seat, and even a living room chair. This enlarges the living room, not wasting any area inside the RV. 
  • Cooling and Heating - Class A, generally, has two airconditioning units. You will not have any problem with the regulation of temperature inside your RV.  
  • Passenger Visibility - The passengers get to see the view because of the huge front windshield.  

Most Luxurious RVs

Here is an overview of five of the most luxurious (and expensive) RVs out there. Let us look into them one by one.

  • Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior – $2 Million or More This is the most luxurious mobile home in the world. The exterior and interior will genuinely leave you awestruck. Every nook consists of premium brand appliances and luxurious design. Guess what? It also comes with a sky lounge. The sky lounge allows you to relax outdoors on top of your mobile mansion.
  • Newmar King Aire 4553 – Around $1 Million - This RV is built for royalty. Everything is spacious, and the materials inside the vehicle are made with elegance and sophistication. Talk about a mobile royal vacation. 
  • Prevost H3-45 VIP – $2 Million or More - As the name suggests, this RV carries Very Important People. Its amenities are built for comfort and high-class living. 
  • Marathon Coach #1300 – $2 Million or More - The Marathon Coach is a line of various models of RVs. The RVs look innovative and easy to navigate. Marathon models are also customizable to your liking. 
  • Newell Coach p50 – $2 Million or More 


That should answer your questions. What is the Longest RV? Definitely the most expensive ones, the luxurious RVs. If you are planning to become an RV owner, then it might be a little challenging, especially on the financial part. However, it will be all worthwhile once you take your very own RV on a ride, on vacation, or any place, as you may deem pleasurable. You can choose from the classes, especially the one which fits your budget. Do not force anything you cannot afford. After all, they are all the same RVs that can give you good memories in the long run. 

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