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UPDATED June 17, 2020  
by Emily Holbrook

What Does "RV" Stand For?

What Does RV Stand For

You have probably heard of an RV before, so you most likely know that retired people love to drive around in them? So, what does RV stand for? What is an RV? Are there different types of RVs? What are they used for? Right now, let’s go over some RV basics.

RV – The Abbreviation

RV stands for “Recreational Vehicle.” Technically speaking, a recreational vehicle can come in different forms, with the most common being motor homes, campers, and pop-up campers.

Motor Homes

When it comes to longer periods of travel, motor homes are the most common form of RV to use. These generally come complete with their own engines, steering wheel, driving cabins and everything needed for driving, plus they usually have full bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. These tend to be the largest and most functional types of RVs out there.


The next step down from the motor home is the camper. Campers can’t be driven, and therefore need to be towed behind a fairly powerful truck, such as a pickup truck. A camper can still be quite large, and they can come with bathrooms, kitchens, and other amenities, but are usually not as functional or large as motor homes. These are best for traveling shorter distances and living in for shorter periods of time.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers are even smaller than normal campers. These usually feature a collapsible roof, so when they are being towed, they look like a small trailer. These usually only come with a sleeping area, and maybe some kind of living area. That said, these usually do not come with water and electricity hookups, although some higher quality options may.

When most people think of an RV, they think of a fully functional motor home, one that does not need to be towed, has its own battery and power source, comes with sleeping areas, a bathroom, a kitchen, and other amenities. It’s almost like a house on wheels.

What Is An RV Used For?

An RV is generally seen as a type of vacation vehicle. It has the word “recreation” right in there, and having fun is what they are all about. An RV is designed to allow people to get on the road, to travel around and sightsee without having to worry about accommodations. It’s a two-in-one means of transportation and accommodation.

Recreational travel is of course the No. 1 use of RVs, however, there are also many people who have decided to use them as permanent homes. The best RVs come complete with everything a person needs to live, and quite comfortably at that. Whether for a vacation or as a form of permanent residence, RVs have some amazing uses.

What Do RVs Come With?

You might be wondering what a high quality RV motor home generally comes with.

  • A high quality RV will come with its own kitchen, at least a little fridge, a stove, and sometimes a microwave too. The best RVs will have fully functional kitchens
  • High quality RVs will come with their own bathrooms, complete with a toilet, shower, and sink
  • Most high quality RVs will come with televisions built into them, and the best models around will also allow for satellite TV hookups as well as internet connectivity
  • RVs usually always come with a bedroom, some larger than others, but at the end of the day, they all have sleeping quarters
  • The best RVs will also come with a dining room and living room, sometimes separate or sometimes a combination of the two.

The Benefits of an RV

RVs come with some great benefits that you may not be aware of.

In most places, your average RV does not require any special kind of driving license. Chances are that if you have a license to drive a car, you can use that same license to drive an RV.

RVs eliminate the need to book accommodations no matter where you go. Hotels can be very expensive, to say the least, and they do not feel cozy or home-like either. An RV is a great way to ensure that you can hit the road, while always having a place to sleep that feels like home.

Although RVs may be a bit large and cumbersome, they allow you to get out on the road and take vacations with the family. Instead of being cramped in a small car or van, the whole family has more than enough room to be comfortable while traveling. It’s a really comfortable way to be on the move.

There is also the fact that high quality RVs come complete with bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and more. For people who want to travel, but don’t want to spend a ton of cash at restaurants, just to eat 3 square meals, an RV is the way to go. With an RV, you can buy local foods and cook them in the comfort of your RV.


The bottom line is that RVs or recreational vehicles are an excellent way to combine the comfort of your home and the adventure of being out on the road.

The best and biggest RVs, or motor homes, come equipped with everything you need to be comfortable. From
bathrooms and kitchens, to internet and TV, and so much more, a real RV can truly be a home on wheels.

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