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UPDATED June 19, 2020  
by Brandon Burk

Where To Park My RV For Free Near Me: Safe Places To Camp

Where To Park My RV For Free Near Me: Safe Places To Camp

Camping is one of the best stress-reliever! And before you can go on with your camping plans, you need to consider many things and simplify all the necessary things you need to bring. When you are on RV camping, one of the questions that will occur in your mind is, "Where to park RV for free near me?" Well, we will help you find some perfect places where you can park your RVs.

Where to Park RV For Free Near Me

Near Business Vacant Lots

There are many business buildings with wide vacant lots nowadays. You can park your RVs in these areas for free if you purchase some items from their store, or you have something to do inside the building.

All you need to do is:

  • Ask permission from the guard assigned to the parking lot
  • Buy something from their store
  • Don’t camp in there
  • Don't throw your trash anywhere
  • Maintain good etiquette

These businesses that welcome you to park your RV for free are grocery stores, office firms, and fast food chains. 

Gasoline Stations

Some gasoline stations allow RV parking for free. They allow you to park your RV as long as you are not blocking the way to their gas refilling tanks. All you need to do is ask permission from them.

Also, as a way of respect, do a gas refill to the same station where you plan to park your RV. Usually, they only allow loyal customers to park for free, so earn your reward!


Are you traveling for long periods and want some rest real quick? Did questions like “Where to park RV for free near me?” strikes your mind? Well, worry no more!

You can park your RV in schools during weekends and holidays. Schools have wide parking areas that allow teachers, students, and other school staff to park their vehicles. You can also park your RV here during weekends and holidays.

You need to ask permission from the authorized personnel. One more thing, avoid throwing your trash in the place, do prohibited activities, and don't be so loud.


Churches have a wide-open space where you can park your RV for free. You can ask permission from the church administrators and follow the parking rules.

​Rest Areas

Some states do not allow anyone to park their vehicle in any area just because the driver needs some rest. That is why they prefer to designate a place where drivers can park their vehicles and take some rest.

But you need to check these areas ahead of time. Because this place follows a 'first come, first serve rule.' Don't just go the area impromptu because this question comes into your mind, "Where to park RV for free near me." Many RV owners look for a parking space from time to time.

​RV Parking VS RV Camping​

Traveling is a delightful experience when you plan and prepare ahead of time. To some RV travelers, they are often confused with the terms parking and camping. These terms are entirely different from each other.

RV parking refers to a place where you can keep your RV and stay there for a night. On the other hand, RV Camping refers to the time that you can spend in staying in a specific place for different purposes. RV parking and RV camping are not interchangeable.

When you are parking, you can stay at the parking place for a night only. And you should stay inside your RV and avoid setting up your RV stuff in the place. You need to unobtrusive because other vehicle owners would like to park in the area.

RV camping, on the other hand, is often done to a place where you can set your stuff outside and do recreations. You can set up your table, chairs, do barbeque, and lay your RV mats. You stay in a place where you are somewhat just like home.

​Tips in Asking Permission to Park for Free

If you want to park for free in a specific area, you cannot just park because you want. You must ask permission from the assigned personnel in that paring space.

Here are some tips that will help you get permission to park your RV for free.

  1. Be Courteous- You are asking help, so you need to be courteous as much possible. Be friendly and ask permission just like you are talking to your boss. Go straight to the point, keep the conversation brief and concise, but sweet!
  2. Talk about their product or services- If you plan to park to business parking lots, make sure to mention about the services or products they offer. Tell them that you plan to buy or you want to avail of their services. In that way, they will realize that they will also get something from you.
  3. Secure written permission- This one is very important. You cannot anticipate what will happen sooner, so better ask the owner of the parking space to write a permission slip. Plus! Be sure that the letter is signed!
  4. Talk to the right person- Many people had gone wrong because of not asking permission from the right person. Make sure to talk to someone that is authorized to allow you to park your RV for free. If there are guards, ask them nicely if to whom you need to ask permission regarding the parking space. Do not just park in the area because one person who parked his car told you that there is still a vacant space.


“Where to park RV for free near me?" Well, this one is simple if you prepare ahead of time. When you are on RV camping, make a list of the places where you can park your RV for free. So that when you need to park your vehicle, you can check your list and check for the availability of the parking space.

One last thing, always ask permission before parking. Happy RVing!

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