Who Makes Grand Design RV

Who Makes Grand Design RV?

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With so many different RV manufacturers out there, it can be easy to get them confused. Who owns who? Which models and brands exist under what manufacturers? Here, we're taking a look into Grand Design RV to give you a better look at how this company operates and what RVs they provide.

Let's dive in so you can learn all about these great recreational vehicles.

Who Makes Grand Design RV?

Grand Design RV is a company that is privately owned. Although the company itself isn't very old, it's one that is run by professionals from larger, older companies who sought better opportunities to connect with customers.

Grand Design offers a lot of brands you'll be likely to see if you're shopping for a toy hauler, trailer or fifth wheel. Names like Solitude and Reflection are ones you'll be likely to recognize, among many others. Thanks to the team of experienced employees running and working with this company, you're sure to be able to rely on their expertise.

About the Company

This business is run by a pair of brothers, Bill and Ron French alongside Don Clark. All of the founders worked many years in the industry with other RV manufacturers. Grand Design RV was built with the dream of creating real relationships with their customers. From time to time, they will even have meetings with the customer base in order to learn how to best improve their products.

Who Makes Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV Products

Often, seeing the products offered by a company can help you to remember the business and what it has to offer. Grand Design RV is responsible for a wide array of recreational vehicles, including fifth wheels, trailers and toy haulers with both fifth wheel and trailer designs.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are a great choice for campers who want the most possible space without having to move up to a motorhome. These towable vehicles allow you to drive your regular vehicle instead of having to learn how to drive what is essentially the size of a bus.


The Solitude is a fantastic fifth wheel for those who are seeking lots of space. With deep cabinets and ceilings that are taller than most other RVs, this is a vehicle that will truly give you the comfort of home. Because of that, it's a prime choice for those in need of something for the longer term. If you need to stay comfortable for weeks or even months, this is the choice for you.


For those who may not need the largest possible RV, but instead seek a combination of comfort and cost, the Reflection is worth taking a look into. This handy little vehicle is made to provide you with the best possible comfort in a small space. It's also made to be quite easy to tow, so you won't need to struggle too much getting it where you want to go.

Travel Trailers

Depending on the kind of vehicle you drive, a fifth wheel might not be for you. In those cases, travel trailers are fantastic options. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can get something lightweight and easy to tow or luxurious and enjoyable for months at a time.


With a modern flair, the Reflection brings style to the outdoors. If you take a good look at this brand, you'll find that it's quite similar to the Reflection fifth wheel with a few variations so that it works well as a regular camper. If you like a more custom setup for your trailer, it's also worth knowing that there are 5 different models that make up the Reflection name.


Not everyone has a massive truck to pull their trailer with. In those situations, more lightweight options like the Imagine are worth taking a look at. With 14 different model options, this trailer is sure to provide the perfect setup. It's a trailer that seeks to make sure customers get the best possible experience, free from the confines that might otherwise be included in such a lightweight option.


The Transcend is the ideal selection for those who are just finding their way into the world of recreational vehicles. It offers a classic design with all the essential features people are often looking for when they are first moving from a tent to a more sophisticated camping experience. You can also make the choice from 9 different models that meet slightly different needs.

Toy Haulers

Some campers not only want the camping experience, but also to enjoy the natural world around them with kayaks, quads, motor bikes and more. Typically, trying to travel with your recreational vehicles and trailer would be rather difficult. With a toy hauler, that is no longer a concern.


When you want some serious luxury in your toy hauler, this fifth wheel is an ideal choice. It offers a master suite that is combined with a master bathroom. With that, you won't need to worry about missing out on staying perfectly clean while you're out in the wilderness. Furthermore, you'll have plenty of storage with a closet that is big enough to walk into.

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