Who Makes Open Range RV

Who Makes Open Range RV?

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If you are a travel enthusiast, you may know a lot about recreational vehicles, whether we are talking utility trailers, toy haulers, or fifth wheels. The thing is, while these rose in popularity back in the 1970s, today that the RVs are even more in high demand. There are tons of different brands offering extraordinary quality for a budget-friendly price.

As you might know, buying an RV is not a simple decision. Depending on what you are looking for, it can cost you anywhere from $20,000 to a million dollars for the luxury vehicles that offer commodities you wouldn’t experience even at the best hotels. The opportunity of being on the road while feeling like you are at home is what sets RVs apart from a regular vehicle.

Yes, it does come with more than a few costs that are related to maintenance, fuel, and insurance, but depending on where you live and the company that you are buying from, this can significantly be reduced.

Bearing this in mind, it is important to emphasize that the Forest River RV and Thor Industries are currently the market leaders in this industry.  Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other companies you can get high-quality RVs from.

On the contrary, the one that we will be talking about in this article is the Open Range RV, which is now as popular as the Highland Ridge RV.

Who stands behind it, what kind of products does it offer, and is the quality good enough are the questions that we will be answering in the sections below. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get right to it!

Who Makes Open Range RVs?

The main thing that we need to discuss before getting into why you should buy an RV from the Open Range/Highland Ridge is the history of this brand.

It all started when the then-called Open Range RV Group manufactured the first batch of RVs, including a few toy haulers, but mostly being focused on utility trailers.

The company was soon able to provide incredible quality for excellent prices and became one of the leaders in this industry. Once the reputable Jayco Group had noticed this, they decided to buy shares of the Open Range RV Group and make a subsidiary firm out of it.

That is when the Highland Ridge was founded (2014). Since then, the company has had even more success and now stands as a strong competitor against the aforementioned Forest River and Thor Industries brands.

Still, the fact that it is a subsidiary of Jayco doesn’t mean that the Highland Range doesn’t have its own say in the manufacturing process and providing reliable customer service.

Who Makes Open Range RV

Today, this group uses its facilities for manufacturing and provides the same terrific customer service and management as when they were still the independent Open Range RV Company. Not only that, but the vision and commitment of this company have stayed more or less the same.

With thousands of RVs being sold the past few years, there has been little change regarding the quality of their products. The two main highlights that separate their RVs are features such as a plush patio and a floor slide that is flush.

Additionally, with the motto of “Own the Outdoors,” their development team has come with numerous innovations in order to make the RV more affordable while ensuring excellent construction quality.

The Advantages of Buying Open Range RVs

Now that we have introduced you to this competitive company, let us highlight a few reasons why you should consider one of their RV’s. One of the main innovations of Highland Ridge recreational vehicles is that they strive to make products that weigh up to 20% less than their competitors.

They do this by using more durable and eco-friendly materials that are not that common in brands such as Forest River RV and Grand Design RV. Additionally, while these vehicles weigh less, more space will be provided for comfortable accommodation.

This is mostly highlighted by queen-sized beds, as well as full-size showers with seats that will make you feel like you are in the comfort of your home. Not only that, but one of the unique things is that all vehicles have been tested on low-temperature resistance.

How? Before they are put onto the market, all models sit in 0° chambers for up to five hours. This is to prove the sturdiness and durability of the construction that the Highland Ridge group is proud of. Additionally, almost every model features an XTTRM Ply Highland roof that comes with a 15-year warranty and has strength like no other.

Last but not least, all vehicles undergo a vigorous 500-mile test that proves the craftsmanship of given designs is what makes a Highland Range RV the right choice.

2019 Open Range RV — The Best Highland Ridge RV

Our personal favorite is the 2019 Open Range Fifth Wheel that has won a number of awards in the past year for its innovative design and extra features. Apart from the external 6-point leveling mechanism, supported by JT strong arm stabilizers (allowing easy-take down), the internal design is superb.

A fiberglass shower, queen bed, 50-inch LED TV, a number of Brazilian wood cabinets, and a handy kitchen highlighted by a French door refrigerator, and an oven make it a superb choice.


If you are about to buy your first recreational vehicle, that means you are probably at the stage where you’re looking  into the details and essential features that a great model should include. We hope that our article did more in providing you the necessary information on one of the most successful brands, the Open Range RV (Highland Ridge). Looking at their offers, not only will you be able to find extraordinary fifth wheels at budget-friendly prices but also toy haulers and utility trailers that can go a long way toward your whole traveling.

We would recommend that as your next move, you visit the Highland Ridge official website and see for yourself.

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