Who Owns Newmar RV?

Who Owns Newmar RV?

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When you're looking for a new RV, who do you shop with? Making the choice can be so tough, and it can be difficult to tell one brand from the other. To aid in clearing things up for you, let's take a look into Newmar RV. This company is one with a really great reputation, and it's worth finding out how that came to be.

Who Owns Newmar RV?

Newmar RV is owned by Marvin Miller and Marvin Newcomer. The pair sought to create fantastic recreational vehicles as a means to help people to enjoy the outdoors even more. Being big fans of camping and RV use themselves, they wanted to make sure everyone who used their products would have the best possible experiences.

Currently, the company is headed by Matt Miller, who is Marvin Miller's son. This goes to show that the passion has really run in the family. The Millers are even said to still enjoy frequent trips, whether it be just for the weekend or far and wide.

About the Company

Newmar is a company that provides a wide range of motorhomes that fit different styles, budget needs and fuel selections. Whether you want something that will just get you out of a tent or what is essentially a real home on wheels, they have what you need.

Those who created this company, as well as those who work there, have a passion for RVs and the RV lifestyle. Because of that, you'll find they are more than willing to customize the perfect motorhome to fit your needs. Give them a look if you're shopping for a motorhome.

Who Owns Newmar RV?

Newmar RV Products

To really get to know a company well, it's best to take a look at the products they offer. These will give you the clearest idea about what to expect if you decide to shop with them.

Diesel Motorhomes

The type of fuel you choose to use can be key to your camping experience. It also plays into aspects like the mileage you're able to achieve. Newmar's diesel motorhomes are a great way to combine the diesel experience with the true comfort of a traveling home.

These motorhomes also include features like STAR Foundation, Comfort Drive and more to ensure that your vehicle is reliable and easy to use. There are also a whopping 34 options you can select from when it comes to floor plans. That means your motorhome will be designed to suit your needs perfectly.

Super C Motorhomes

The Super C Motorhomes offer a unique style in that they include a cab that is similar to a truck, whereas most other motorhomes come in a bus-type style. These class C motorhomes provide the best possible comfort without having to move up to class A, making them convenient options.

You'll also find that there's much to enjoy about these motorhomes. They include king-size beds, so you'll have plenty of space to sleep comfortably. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable, easily flattening air mattresses and drafty tents because they'll be a thing of the past.

Luxury Motorhomes

When you're looking for the best of the best, it's tough to go wrong with absolute luxury. The atmosphere of these motorhomes is about as close to a house as you can get, and you have the ability to customize just about any aspect you may need to.

When you take a look at the models offered, you're sure to find that each has a unique presence. Take a look at the different floors available, which often give off the appearance of wood or tile. It's a fantastic way to make your motorhome much more like a real home. Combine that with comfortable chairs and couches and you surely won't go wrong.

Gas Motorhomes

Gas motorhomes are another convenient choice offered by this company. There are 3 unique gas models that you'll be able to choose from, ensuring the most possible comfort. On top of that, the company allows you to select from 28 unique floor plans so that your motorhome can look exactly as you envision it.

Each is not only made to be incredibly comfortable, it's also designed to offer access to Wi-Fi and more. All with a convenient way to fuel up, which makes time spent at the pump a bit faster than those who opt for their diesel brethren.

Other Resources Offered by the Company

Newmar does a lot more than provide motorhomes. They also seek to provide positive experiences. Consequently, they're going to help you with finding the best ways to enjoy your new motorhome all over the country. Just knowing that they want to go above and beyond makes them well worth a look if you're shopping for a new RV.

Travel Information

Newmar not only wants to offer you a new motorhome, they also want to make sure you have every opportunity to use and enjoy it. Because of that, they put together guides to the best RV camping spots every year. This free service helps campers to find new places to love whenever they need.

The company also releases a regular catalogue that allows you to learn about the ins and outs of your motorhome's technology as well as new places you can stay. This is definitely a company that wants to help you enjoy the motorhome they designed for you as often as possible. They are certainly passionate about time spent out in nature.

Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of what Newmar seeks to provide. They don't just want to sell you a motorhome, they want to build a connection with you to ensure all of your needs are being met. That means going the extra mile to get every aspect of your new purchase correct.

It also means providing plenty of easily accessible documentation for your purchase. Alongside that, you can reach their tech support any hour of the day or night. Because of that, problems or questions you may have can be addressed quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

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